Perks of a work holiday in NZ

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In 8 months time, I have decided to embark on a new journey. In light of not appropriately documenting this one, I have posed some thoughts on gifts, realizations, the little things about being here.


Walk Everywhere

Some days I would plan hours just in commute, to walk from one place to the next. I don’t think twice about how far anything is. It all seems walkable, weather it’s 20 minutes to the grocery store, or an hour and a half to the airport.

And to think, I ever spent so much on gas.

True friends visit friends in New Zealand

I am BEYOND blessed and moved that TWO of my friends came to visit me while I was living here. My own family wouldn’t think to do that. As much as they would love to, it is a huge time and money investment. One friend moved here with me and one will leave with me. I am so lucky– and it doesn’t matter if I was just a good excuse for them to see New Zealand! They are awesome.

Meaning of Life

So I got two hourly jobs when I moved here.  It seems to easy to let work become mundane, or routine. However, being a foreigner aided in guest interest, sparked conversation with strangers, and developed long lasting friendships with regulars.

In one of my final days at the cafe, a regular pulled me aside, as he often does, and harassed me about when I was going to start traveling again. This particular regular had caught me between my two jobs, and condemned me for working too hard. To his surprise I revealed my plans and thus ensued joy and passion and a deep conversation regarding the meaning of life, in the amount of time it took me to wipe the neighboring table.

Love. This is the second time anyone has boldly shared their meaning of life, the last time being just a year ago. I will always remember his, because, in a way, it is mine too.

baldwin street

We went up twice, the “steepest street in the world” ..southern hemisphere, what have you.

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The contra dance was a block from the street. We went before, and then a couple offered to stay behind with a few others, so that others could go and they would drive us back. They even bought us certificates, so intense!

The worst part, (best part?), was watching a couple begin to drive up the street, only to decide not too, reversing into a residents’ car on the opposite side of the street. 



The sand
the birds
the shells
the sea
the sky


the words were scribbled just like that, but messier and bigger, like a childs’ handwriting.

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Yesterday I ran into the art gallery, inquiring about tours. They only give one a week, and it was in an hour-at the same time I had booked a tour with the history museum down the block. I’m beyond thankful to the employee who offered and took me on the most pleasurable private tour on her tea break. Love!

One of the exhibits were notes on a collaboration exhibit, displayed months earlier. And I had to scribble down the words written so large, on a single page, next to a drawing of the rough draft of the piece the artists would one day build.


Yikes, I left my journal behind in Queenstown. The hostel has it, along with the maps and money hidden between the pages. Luckily, I “can come by at any time to pick it up.”

I will backtrack later and post pictures of our stay on an overnight boat in Milford Sound, but between here and there, we stopped at a number of scenic coastal over looks in the Porpoise Bay and at Tunnel beach.

I love the mountains, but I am very fond of enormous cliffs and giant spagetti noodles floating on the shore (kelp, beautiful, ginormous kelp).

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waffle sandwiches

Last night I took the train from Ventura to Anaheim, to visit Frankie for a few days!

We walked down town and toured her film school, after a wonderful morning well spent sleeping in!


Nothing was better than those waffle sandwiches! Waffle with tomato, cheddar, and pesto–perfect!